Budget Asian airline unveils black-free zones

Here is a story of a budget Asian airline, Singapore Airlines, from banning negroes from their “black-free zones” in their budget arm, Scoot Airlines.



The black free-zones were put into effect after several customers complained of loud rap music, injuries from banana peels, and non-stop dancing. They said that the negroes would start making up tunes and singing after flight attendants asked them to lower the volume of their rap musc. Other customers asked to be moved when the uproar escalated to communal hand-clapping.

“I just cannot take it. I needed to prepare for a meeting but they all just started erupting in song,” said one business man after a terrible ordeal next to a negroe. “I understand they cannot help it, their sounds or their bodily functions because of their race, but I do not want to have to hear it while I am enjoying my flight,” said a woman who sat just a few aisles away from the commotion.

An unnamed spokesperson from Singapore Airlines made the statement, “Even if there are some quiet blacks out there, we need to treat them all as a nuisance to ensure the comfort of the rest of our passengers.” After which he added, “We only accept blacks who are quadroons or over.”

Also mentioned implementing this strategic policy is a Malaysian company, Air Asia X. They are also considering a “Jew-free zone” to help with the spread of a bed bugs infection spread from flights in and out of New York City.

Shocked as we are? Good. This post was a parody.

Making rude remarks about children is extremely unprofessional no different than excluding any other demographic. We think this discrimination based on something one cannot help is unacceptable. Especially when you treat a demographic like animals that need special cages for travel.


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