We are always traveling. Why? Because there are so many beautiful places and customs in this world that we want to experience. Each country also has examples of what not to do, and respectfully understanding the problems and negatives of a country (alongside the positives) leaves us with a better understanding of how to live our lives in the best possible way.

We do not like the idea of a melting pot. Sorry. We believe that from Capetown, up to the tippy-top of Helsinki, people have their own unique way of living, and it is wonderful to experience cultures in their authenticity. In modern pop culture terms, a worldwide “salad bowl” is perhaps the way we would like to see cultures and languages to be preserved. Different ingredients maintaining their integrity, working in congruity to create a harmonious taste.

Nonetheless, we are always hoping for the world to evolve. Evolve naturally, not change artificially. Same as how we are always looking to improve ourselves. That is why we won’t hesitate to report on the failures of our native cultures, as well as criticize those of others. From inhumane practices such as FGM in Egypt, to the simply meddlesome stuff such Copenhagen on a Sunday, hopefully our journal will shed light on the good and the bad around the world.


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